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Popeye's Chicken is Coming

MACCIVIC.ORG is a web site/blog dedicated to informing (and sometimes amusing) Macedonians about activities in their town.  We will have lots of pictures of activities being joined in and led by local residents, new places to go and things to take the kids to in town.  We will also have an ongoing blog report about our local government from Macedonians who actually go to all those city meetings that most residents don’t have the time and/or desire to attend.   These dedicated bloggers will tell you what is actually occurring at the meetings and what is coming up in future meetings that will affect you (including new legislation, finances and proposed tax increases)!   You will be able to connect via Facebook and Twitter or directly.  Resident’s questions and comments will be featured on the site. We will be up and running soon and adding features as we go.  Welcome to fellow Macedonians who want to keep up with what is happening and have a sense of humor!

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